• Unity Game Development

    particle effects, C# scripts, 3D models, GUI design

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  • Unity Game Development

    Scene design, terrains, mecanim animations, sound effects

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  • Scientific Data Visualization

    2D and 3D data visualizations in Unity/C# and Java

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Unity and Java Developer

Jeff creates Unity games in C#, writes custom shaders, and is experienced in writing clean, object-oriented C# code. Well versed in leveraging/tweaking 3D models from the Unity Asset Store and Turbosquid, he also creates image assets in Photoshop, creates GUIs with uGUI (now called UI), and performs sound and video editing. He has a Unity 5 pro license.

On the Java front, he has published articles, written and taught course material, and has many years of experience in both backend (web services, servlets) development and front end development with JSPs, GWT, and web development in general. He is experienced with integrating big data into Unity applications.



Jeff has developed games and scientific visualization software in Unity since 2011. As co-developer of TerraViz, he was a runner-up for a Unity award (Best VizSim Project) at Unite 2013 in Vancouver. Most recently Jeff co-developed Cloud Defense, a cyber security game (a bit like Tower Defense) in which the player creates cyber security defenses to thwart hackers. He wrote the MonoBehavior scripts and class libraries in C#, and created a backend high scores table in Java and MySQL.

He has taught classes in object-oriented design in Java for various organizations, given talks at numerous conferences, and created an introductory guide to Unity. He is also fluent in web services development and has created apps in HTML/Javascript, Java, C, and Flash.



Jeff has a long history with Java development (web services, servlets, applets, Swing, class libraries, teaching classes etc.) as well as backend databases (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server).

He has been developing full time in Unity for a few years now in both game development and scientific visualization. He is fluent in basic Photoshop design, creating custom textures and normal maps in FilterForge, and creating game UI elements, control panels, etc. (although he is not a replacement for a professional artist!) Jeff is also experienced in sound and video editing.

  • Shader design 60%
  • Unity and C# 95%
  • Web Dev and Java 95%
  • Database design 90%
  • Photoshop design 70%
  • Sound / Video editing 70%



  • Published software titles
  • 3D Data Visualization Using The Unity Game Engine” in volume 38 of CIRA Magazine, Spring 2013.
  • Moving Weather Model Ensembles to a PostGIS Database” in volume 38 of CIRA Magazine, Spring 2013.
  • SQLExecutor project on SourceForge (2013)
  • Authored AMS 2012 presentation entitled “NNEW Testing Portal”
  • Co-authored GIMTool article (as a pdf) that appeared in volume 33 of CIRA magazine, Spring 2010
  • Co-authored 'NOAA Modeling Portal' paper, presented at ECMWF's 13th Workshop in High Performance Computing in Meteorology, Reading UK, Nov 6, 2008
  • Co-authored AMS 2007 presentation, WRF Portal and WRF Domain Wizard
  • Co-authored AMS 2007 poster, Use of WRF Portal to Support The Developmental Testbed Center
  • WRF Portal, CIRA magazine, Volume 25, Spring 2006
  • Co-authored poster and paper about WRF Portal at AMS conference in Atlanta in January 2006
  • Co-authored and presented poster about WRF Portal at WRF and MM5 workshop in Boulder, June 2005
  • Effective Web Architectures Using Java/Oracle, paper presented at RMOUG Oracle Conference, February 2004
  • Fast Math with JNI, Java World Magazine, August 15, 2003 issue
  • SQLExecutor: A Simple JDBC Framework (original article in Developer.com, April 2003 Issue)
  • Genetic Algorithms: Evolving a Better Solution, Developers Network Journal, March 2002 Issue
  • Genetic Algorithms: Simulating Evolution on the Computer, Part 1, Developer.com, February 2002 Issue
  • Genetic Algorithms: Simulating Evolution on the Computer, Part 2, Developer.com, February 2002 issue

Contact Jeff


Jeff Smith

9711 Kipling Street, Westminster Colorado 80021

jeffrey (at) SoftTechDesign.com