StarScopes (CD-ROM)

Face the new millenium with this powerful, fourth generation astrology program. StarScopes is sophisticated enough for professional astrologers and yet simple enough for novices to enjoy. This complete astrology CD-ROM enables you to indulge your curiosities about the planets and stars, while your PC handles the complicated interpretations and calculations.

Previous versions of this astrology software were called AstroScopes II, AstroScopes I, Visions, Astrix, and AstroQuest. Favorable magazine reviews in CDROM Today, ComputerLife, MacWorld, and Windows User.

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Program Features

  • Super precise calculations based on observations from US Naval Observatory and are accurate for thousands of years in the past or future.
  • detailed daily horoscopes
  • love compatibility horoscopes
  • detailed natal (birth) horoscopes
  • Choose among Placidus, Koch, and Equal House systems
  • Choose your own Orb sizes to customize the generated interpretations
  • natal and daily data sheet
  • planet/sign sky maps which you can animate at the touch of a button
  • charts and graphs
  • rich, illustrated timeline of astrological history
  • mood setting music
  • tour of zodiac signs and planets
  • full explanation of astrology complete with diagrams and pictures
  • enter birth longitudes/latitudes by clicking on maps of Canada, USA, Europe, or the World
  • thousands of cities in longitude/latitude database

System requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista, CD-ROM drive. Also compatible with Windows 7 32 bit Home edition, and the 64 bit editions of Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise (using Windows XP compatibility mode). Not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit Home Edition.

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Sample Natal Horoscope:

Birth Date: 1-26-1925 at 6:30 AM (Julian Day 2424176.98)


Brotherhood and love of freedom mark the character of an Aquarian.
They make friends easily and are concerned with every aspect
relating to the human condition. For the Aquarian, honesty and
sincerity reign over the accepted conventions, and thus they may
sometimes upset the status quo. Outwardly, the Aquarian may appear
calm, but, in reality, they are usually anxious and apprehensive
since they take work and friendships so seriously. Natives should
realize that to improve their character they must understand
limitations and apply them in the most effective manner possible.


With the Moon in Pisces, natives like to stay in the background,
away from the spotlight. They tend to react to others in a shy,
reserved manner. There is a great deal of sensitivity in their
nature, and they are gracious to both friends and strangers to avoid
giving any unintended slight. Their impressionability may make them
feel vulnerable to others at times, and they may shy away from
relationships for fear of getting hurt. If applied correctly,
however, this impressionability can intensify the creative abilities
of natives.


Born with Mercury in Capricorn, natives are endowed with a mind
concerned chiefly with practical matters. Their mental ability is
marked by shrewdness and orderliness as a means of succeeding on a
more material level. Thus, the ability to concentrate long and hard
may bring them success. In general, natives show patience when
thinking about tough problems and put forth the endurance and
determination necessary to solve them. There is a tendency, however,
to carry this practical thinking too far and neglect the feelings
and emotions of friends and lovers.
Mercury conjunct Venus confers literary and oratory talents.
Natives are refined and diplomatic. Their ability to understand
subtle relationships could serve them in science and engineering as
Mercury conjunct Jupiter natives are philosophical, often
contemplating the nature of life and society. Well educated and
eloquent speakers, they make excellent teachers, lawyers, and
politicians. They have intellectual integrity.
Mercury sextile Saturn natives are purposeful, disciplined, well
organized people who generally make wise decisions. Possessing good
communication skills and intelligent minds, they make good
administrators and teachers.
Mercury sextile Uranus denotes an inventive, quick mind that tends
to race ahead of others. Natives are technically and scientifically
gifted while still possessing excellent verbal and written
communication skills.
Mercury opposite Pluto natives often have access to sensitive or
confidential information and face the moral dilemma of learning to
be secretive. They tend to be investigative.


With Venus in Capricorn, natives take their emotions and
affections very seriously, and see marriage and long-term
relationships as the means for a feeling of security. There is
definitely a sense of dignity in the way these people comport
themselves in public; in private, however, they are demonstrative
and open to loved ones. Generally, natives seek companions whom they
think will improve their station in life, they may thus use loved
ones unintentionally. Prestige and wealth are common to those whom
natives care about.
Venus conjunct Mercury natives are charming, graceful people with
an eloquence in speech and writing. They love their fellow man and
tend to work well in partnerships.
Venus conjunct Jupiter natives are friendly and charitable to
their fellow man and tend to live charmed lives. Optimistic and
cheerful, they tend to attract similar people.
Venus sextile Saturn natives are very loyal and willing to make
sacrifices for others. A profound spiritual beauty emerges slowly
through life. Because of their impeccable character, these people
make long lasting relationships.
Venus sextile Uranus confers personal magnetism and exciting,
sparkling personalities that make them fun to be around. Natives
attract unusual romances and develop interest in science, computers,
and art (maybe computer art).
Venus opposite Pluto confers a volatility of emotions and
uncontrollable passion. They may engage in demoralizing
relationships and experience emotional problems as a result.


With Capricorn as the rising sign, natives display seriousness and
stoicism which are manifestations of their inner strength and
discipline. In general, they are aloof and reserved around
strangers; even with friends these people are difficult to get to
know for they tend to think of themselves as "islands" among people.
Natives should not be afraid of "opening up" to loved ones. As a
rule, these people do not take relationships lightly. Although they
may have few intimate ones, they are aggressive in maintaining them
and strongly devoted to them; they have a "never say die" attitude
about relationships. Also, these people are extremely loving of
family members, particularly children, although they may dote on
them and spoil them too much.
With the Sun in the First House, natives have a strong ambition
and desire to succeed. Further, they are confident and energetic
when dealing with others and may truly believe that nothing is
Mercury in the First House indicates one with a keen and grasping
mind. There is a tendency, though, to be more concerned with what
the native thinks than what others think, even if their point is
more valid.
With Venus in the First House, natives' personalities are
naturally sunny and outgoing. They like to please others, and must
guard against being obsequious, and have a knack of getting the
things they want out of life.


Lack of planets in Fire signs marks patient natives who may have a
passive outlook on life, allowing others to take charge and lead the
A balancing of the Earth elements in the natal chart gives
practicality and common sense to all endeavors undertaken.
With a lack of planets in Air signs, the native is inclined to let
emotions rule actions, and have difficulty in expressing true
Furthermore, a large number of Water elements gives strong
emotional drives and deep feelings for all things which impinge upon
the native.
With many planets in Cardinal modalities, a person is capable of
acting alone, and usually has a good grasp on the world and its
Lastly, the native may be inclined towards getting his way without
considering others opinions or feelings, since there are few planets
in Mutable signs.

Sample Daily Horoscope

Daily Date: 5-29-2002 at 0:01 AM (Julian Day 2452423.67)


Neptune transiting the First House tunes you to the thoughts and
feelings of friends and family. Interest in religion or mysticism is
high now, and your sympathies for others is great. You may be of
tremendous help to an associate or stranger because of your
compassionate nature during this transit.
Moon conjunct Mercury confers a tendency for moodiness, which may
confound rational and practical thought. Don't let petty issues
overwhelm you. Today is a good day to just take a step back and
Moon conjunct Venus instills a heightened artistic inspiration
which may manifest itself in creative work or just the urge to
experience the beauty of nature. Your good cheer today enhances your
social life and may intensify romance.
Venus conjunct Pluto tends to unbalance the equilibrium of love
relationships today, intensifying your feelings. Desire for unusual
experiences is great and perhaps may make you excessively
Uranus conjunct Moon is a transit of emotional upheaval and
impulsive behavior. It will be difficult to maintain stability and
you may experience mood swings. But remember, it is during times
like this that we experience personal growth.


Uranus transiting the Second House marks a time when you may
suffer the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune". Sudden loss in
business may occur through no fault of your own. However, this
transit can also indicate a time period when you may increase
finances through unexpected boons. Either way, you should not let
finances completely dominate your concerns.
Saturn square Uranus makes you restless and full of nervous
energy. You may very well wish to be something else, something "more
glamorous" than your present position. Think hard before attempting
a career shift.
Neptune square Saturn may indicate a low point for you. You may
have misgivings about your work or your talents under this transit.
However, it's good to remember that personal confidence and
fortitude are much more important than material success.
Pluto square Uranus brings about significant changes in your
professional life. This may come in many different forms (even the
possibility of changing careers) and it's important to maintain a
forward-reaching outlook on life.


With Saturn square Uranus, you should be wary of cutting loose
from a relationship. You may desire freedom, but realize that close
friends need you also.
Neptune square Saturn is a transit of discouragement. Try to
reflect on past accomplishments and the friends you have rather than
dwelling on the negative now.
Pluto square Uranus marks a time when casual friendships may be
stripped away. This is an excellent time to maintain those
relationships that are truly important to you.
Moon sextile Saturn instills a deep sense of responsibility and
seriousness to you. Engaging in social activities is not the best of
ideas at this time. Rather, look to close friends and relatives for
emotional support and release.


Jupiter transiting the Seventh House promises to bring smooth
sailing to partnerships. Business dealings may be particularly
fruitful now if you give one hundred percent. Also, romance is
heightened in your personal relationships, and you should take the
time to actively cultivate them.
Moon opposite Pluto invigorates you, increasing your sensuality
but also making you susceptible to jealousy over a loved one. Try to
keep your emotions in check now. Remaining objective is the best
course of action during this transit.
Venus opposite Jupiter is a transit of harmonious relationships
and all around good times. Leisure activities are best engaged in at
this time with loved ones, though you may have a tendency to excess!

Jupiter opposite Mercury favors partnerships and group activities.
Projects long in planning may come to fruition at this time. Also,
this is a propitious moment to start a business venture or personal
Jupiter opposite Venus harmonizes your feelings and emotions with
those of an associate or close friend. Working with a partner can be
most rewarding now. However, you should take care and not go
"overboard" in expressing affections or spending money.


Sun transiting the Fifth House marks a time period in which you
greatly enjoy social and romantic activities. You truly desire "fun"
and should not hesitate to get to know new people and form new
acquaintances. Also, love is in full bloom during this transit and
it's a good time to fully demonstrate the depth of affections to
loved ones.
Mercury transiting the Fifth House indicates a time when there may
be numerous romantic interests in your life. As such, you may spend
a great deal of time, effort, and worry balancing commitments. Also,
this transit marks a time when you seek intellectual stimulation in
both love life and social and leisure activities.
Saturn transiting the Fifth House is a transit during which
romance may sour. You face tremendous responsibilities in
relationships with loved ones and are apt to have difficulty
expressing wants and desires openly to companions. You should try
during this transit to "loosen up" and enjoy your companions without
being afraid to voice true feelings.
Sun trine Sun signals a time of inner peace and smooth sailing in
relationships. If you are romantically involved, it is a time to
experience growth as a couple.
Mercury trine Sun empowers you with the mental acuity to perceive
an unusual opportunity. Your effervescent personality confers to you
an almost magnetic quality today.
Mars trine Moon makes you assertive and intensifies relationships
(for good or bad) as the power of Mars transits the emotional Moon.

Jupiter trine Saturn is a transit where the expansionist energy of
Jupiter is checked by Saturn. You must gradually let go of
inhibitions and increase your trust in loved ones.

Sample Love Compatibility Horoscope

Paul Newman [Moon Sign: PISCES]

People with their natal Moon in Pisces are hopeless (hopeful?)
romantics who have a very subjective view of the world. They tend
to put love interests up on a pedastol, leaving them succeptible
to disillusionment if they are not careful. Don Quixote must have
been a Pisces Moon. Pisces Moons are very artistic people who
adore art, music, theater, literature and classic movies. They are
very affectionate and loving people who would do almost anything
for love. Pisces Moon's positive qualities include friendliness,
lovingness, strong intuition, generosity, humility, and
spirituality. Expressed in their negative form, they are
escapist, insecure, weak-willed, self-pitying, and wistful

Madonna Ciccone [Moon Sign: VIRGO]

People with their natal Moon in Virgo are introspective and
analytical people who do not fall in love easily. They tend to
be perfectionists who over-analyze love relationships. Perhaps
they have been hurt deeply in the past. But when they finally
feel secure in their choice for a soulmate, they are steadfast,
warm, and very romantic lovers. Virgo Moons are very concerned
about their health and physical appearance. If channeled
positively, this concern translates into regular exercise to
maintain fitness (and they expect their mates to do the same).
Their positive qualities also include compassion for all men
and self-honesty. Expressed in their negative form, Virgo Moons
can be pessimistic, overly critical and analytical, and worrisome.


As a Pisces Moon, you are attracted to the idealistic and
physically attractive Virgo Moon. You may be irked when the Virgo
Moon criticizes the dreamy-eyed side of your nature. Unless you are
able to bring out the romantic side of the Virgo Moon, you won't be
able to develop the intensely loving relationship you need.




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