Fractal Paint Plus

Download Fractal Paint Plus demo (670 kb, unzip and run demo.exe)
Download Fractal Paint Plus software (660 kb, unzip and run fractal.exe)

What are fractals?

Fractals are geometric shapes with features that are self-similar over different scales. Some popular fractals include Mandelbrot sets, Julia sets, Koch curves, Fractal Collages (iterated function systems), and Fractal Landscapes.

  Fractal Paint Plus Features:
  Mandelbrot Sets Editor
  Julia Sets Editor
  Cellular Automata Simulator/Editor
  Koch Curves (fractal perimeters) Editor
  Fractal Collages Editor
  Fractal Landscapes Editor
  Very fast calculations/graphics routines written in 32-bit assembler
  Built in paint program to edit and enhance your images
  Help files/tutorials to walk you through step by step
  Laser printer support
  Slide show generator
  DOS program





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