WinFTP v2.71: FTP explorer program for Windows 10 (and earlier)

Description: Copy, move, delete, sort your local and remote files with this easy to use client FTP application. Stores connection information for all your favorite sites, so you just type it in once. Version 2.71 works with the latest version of Microsoft's wininet.dll, the version that comes with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Window 8, and Windows 10!


WinFTP Connect

Installation instructions: Simply download WinFTP into a directory of your choosing (e.g. c:\WinFTP) and unzip it. Double click on the WinFTP.exe icon to run the program.

Download WinFTP to try it out for free (279 kb)

Use your credit card to buy WinFTP from SoftTech Design's PayPal account for $19.95 (buy it, and we will send you the link to download it)

WinFTP Purchase Options
$19.95 (price for single copy)
$149.50 (price for a 10-pack)

Version History
Version 2.71 (Verified with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)
Improved handling of long, nested directory names, other minor bug fixes
Version 2.70
Added ability to download entire directory trees (including subdirectories and their files)
Added ability to upload entire directory trees (including subdirectories and their files)
Version 2.60
Added drag and drop support
Added directory copying capability
Fixed delete directory bug
Added "Are you sure" save prompts to prevent accidental deletes
Other minor user interface enhancements
Version 2.52
Some upper case UNIX directories were being erroneously displayed in lower case
Version 2.51
Date/Time in the local file view now displays the correct local time (not GMT)
Version 2.5
VIEW button allows users to view remote files in Notepad (automatically converting files from UNIX format, if necessary)

Directory names for changing directories and making new directories now support longer names

Bug fix: If you hit backspace and the profile name is blank, you no longer get an error message
Added date and time to the local file view and remote file views
A few minor cosmetic improvements
Version 2.03
new chmod feature (and button) allows you to set file permissions when connected to UNIX ftp servers which support ftp/chmod.
Version 2.02
Fixed bug where some passwords weren't being saved properly so people had to type them in each time
Version 2.01
Improved responsiveness of program
Connection dlg doesn't pop up twice any more
Added disconnect/connect button to avoid confusion resulting from the "close" and "exit" button
File tree is displayed with initial directory highlighted and no sub-directories expanded
Move up a directory (green arrow) doesn't generates a range check error anymore
Program is more responsive during file transfers so you can move the window or minimize it during a transfer
Added a CANCEL button to terminate a file transfer while it is still in progress
Remember the most recently visited FTP site, and default the program to this site next time you run the program.
Updated program for Windows 2000/XP


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